Alai (ALAI)


Common information

  • GNSS station Alai (ALAI) is a base station of the Pamir-Alai GNSS profile, located 4 km southwest of the village Daroot-Korgon on a hill near the television repeater
  • Coordinates N 39.5265° and E 72.1659°
  • Height above sea level  2648 m
  • Installed 23.10.2013
  • Equipped with a weather station Vaisala WXT520

Station control and power supply

  • Computer on base PC-104
  • Management of separate device power
  • Autonomic system of power suply from 6 panels and 6 batteries

GNSS station

  • Receiver Septentrio NV AsteRx2e HDC v3, s/n 8512000335
  • Antenna NavXperience, s/n NA0590
  • Antenna height 0.0.

Data transfer system

  • Main satellite system VSAT with router iDirect 3000
  • Reserve satellite system Iridium
  • Installed GSM modem
  • Radio channels to stations ALA1 (ALA2) and ALA3