15 | 12 | 2017

Sentinel Asia

Sentinel Asia

  •  is an initiative group created  by the Asian  Space Forum on data exchange for  emergency situations in the Pacific Rim on the basis of  Digital Web GIS . The purpose of Sentinel Asia is to support  actions on management of disasters.
  • provides satellite data  on the Internet to different types of an emergency. Satellite data are available from satellites, such as ALOS (JAXA) Japanese, IRS (ISRO) Indian, THEOS (GISTDA) Thai and KOMPSAT (KARI) Korean. Only member participants of Sentinel Asia can obtain  received satellite data .
  • Since July, 2009 CAIAG  became a member of the design group Sentinel Asia, and since October, 2009 Data Analysis Center  for Central Asia. As  center for the analysis of data CAIAG will receive satellite images, which have to pass preprocessing in case of an emergency situation. Results of processing will be directly  transferred to the relevant organizations, such as the Ministry of Emergency Situations of KR and authorities of various levels, for an assessment of scales of an emergency and instant reaction.

Sentinel 2 system framework


sentinel2systemsentinel framework


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