12 | 12 | 2017


GEF/UNEP/UNU project "Management of Steady Land Use in Highlands Pamir and Pamiro-Alaysky Mountains : An Integrated, Cross-border Initiative in Central Asia" (PALM)  


In the framework of the GEF/UNEP/UNU Project "Management of Steady Land Use in Highlands Pamir and Pamiro-Alaysky Mountains —An Integrated, Cross-border Initiative in Central Asia" (PALM) the Central Asian Institute of Applied Geosciences (CAIAG) acts as a participant for performaning one of the components of this project , namely the danger and risks of natural processes for the population and the territory of Pamir and the Pamiro-Alaysky region.


The purpose of the executed project:


1 . Creation of electronic maps with graphic display in three areas and in four districts of Kyrgyzstan, and in the territory of Tajikistan in four areas and six rayons, zones of distribution of natural hazards and sites of manifestation of emergency situations.


2 . Creation of thematic regional zoning maps, of zones of natural hazards and of sites of manifestation of an emergency.


3 . Carrying out assessment of danger and risk for the population, territories of natural hazards subject to influence and phenomena.


4 . Advising local population in pilot districts about possible dangers in the places of residence by carrying out training programs for local communities, with presentations on preparation of local communities and local governments for reactions to spontaneous



Partners from Tajikistan


1 . The research center of the Agency for Land Management, Geodesy and Cartography at RT Government.


2 . National center for mitigation of dangers from emergency situations.


3 . Information and analysis center of Committee on Emergency Situations and Civil Defense at RT Government.

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