15 | 12 | 2017

Objectives of the Department.

Learning how to use the social capital and the sustainability of rural communities.  

Study of the problems of stability of rural communities, in order to confront manifestations of natural disasters; 

The study of the problems of training and capacity building of rural communities for the effective implementation of programs in the field of climate change adaptation at the local level;

The study of the problems of microfinance institutions and institutions of local communities in rural areas, 

Сonducting the analysis of proposals for international cooperation in order to identify promising areas of CAIAG;

Preparation of proposals and recommendations on issues of common interest for CAIAG and partners; 

Consideration and preparation of proposals for the creation of master's programs in the field of environmental protection and the protection of the population from natural disasters, 

Promote the establishment of close contacts between the partners and CAIAG;
Participation in the implementation of the educational component projects from third party sources;

Organization of meetings with partners, delegations of international organizations;Preparing cooperation agreements; 

The exchange of information aimed at coordinating the activities of the departments related to international relations, and assisting staff CAIAG on participation in international treaties in order to develop a common position on specific issues, to assist in solving them in the course of specific activities;

Providing support and assistance in the preparation and presentation of information materials on CAIAG to conferences;  

Organizational, visa and consulting support staff traveling on internships, international conferences and seminars; 

Continuing review and search for conferences, seminars and training sessions, and the possibility of financial support for the participation of employees CAIAG;

Assist in organizing and conducting conferences, workshops and seminars in CAIAG, dealing with organizational and technical issues;

Assistance in the design of project proposals;    Site Update of CAIAG: timely provision of site content CAIAG, 

Assist in the professional development  training of employees of CAIAG; 

Design, development, layout and preparation for the printing of informational materials (booklets, brochures, atlases, etc.).


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