15 | 12 | 2017

GNSS Station Alai-2 (ALA2)

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Common Information

  •     GNSS station Alai-2 (ALA2) is one of four stations of the Pamir-Alai GNSS profile. The station locates on the north slope of Zaalai range (Pamir).
  •      Coordinates N39.4433 and E72.2518.
  •      Elevation above sea level is  2823 m
  •      Установлена 24.10.2013 г.

Power supply

  •      Autonomic system of power suply from 120w solar panel and 33 a.h. battery

GNSS station

  •      Receiver Septentrio NV AsteRx2e HDC v3, s/n 8512000345.
  •      Antenna NavXperience, s/n NA0450
  •      Antenna height is 0.0.
  •      Data downloading with use COM port

Data transfer system

  •      Radilink to the station ALA1.



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