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Department 3 "Monitoring Systems and Data Management"

Station Equipment

There are 3 types of the monitoring network stations: solitary GNSS stations, the ROMPS stations developed by GFZ, and seismic station of the network Caremon.



      All 4 solitary GNSS stations (ARSL, KRBK, KRGT и TKUM) are built by one pattern. GNSS antenna is mounted on a concrete pylon. Aside of the pylon a metal box is fastened for placement of the equpment: GNSS receiver (Topcon GB-1000), baterry, and solar panel regulator (PL-20). Near from it a mast with one or two 120w solar panels is placed. For communication the EDGE Router ER75i, Conel (Czech Republic) is used. The data is transfered once per day to one of CAIAG servers. Begining 2011 all the of 4 stations are equipted with minicomputers TinyPC of Markus Ramatchi (GFZ) disign.        gnss box      

The ROMPS Stations (Remotely Operated Multi-Parameter Stations) are developed by GFZ section 1.2, Dr.Tilo Schone group GFZ at framework of projects CAWa and GCO-CA. The station is controled by a central computer produced on the base of PC-104 board. There is also a device named as baterry manager (BatMan) which turns on/off the separate devices including the computer in accord with given program. For data acquisition from meteosensors the data logger CR1000 of the firm Campbell Scientific is used. There are two satellite channels of data transfer: VSAT as main and Iridium as auxiliary. Power supply is provided from six 120 w solar panels and six 240 a.h. baterries.

Usually a sensor set includes devices for measurement of Atmospheric pressure (Barometric Pressure Transducer, модель 278, Setra, USA), Air temperature and relative humidity (Temperature & Relative Humidity Probe HMP45, Vaisala, Finland), Solar radiation (Net Radiometer NR01, Hukseflux, Netherlands), precipitation (Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge 52203, RM Young, USA), wind direction and speed (Wind Monitor 05103, RM Young, USA), датчики температуры почвы (Soil Temperature Sensor 107, Campbell Scientific, UK), датчики влажности почвы (Soil Water Content Reflectometer CS616, Campbell Scientific, UK), GNSS приемник (Topcon GB-1000 или Septentrio NV AsteRx2e), антенна которого обычно монтируется на металлическую трубу. На некоторых станциях установлены устройства для измерения водного эквивалента снега (Snow Pack Analyzing System - SPA, Sommer, Austria). При наличие вблизи станции реки с мостом, на мост устанавливаются датчики уровня воды в реке и скорости ее течения (Discharge System RQ-2, Sommer, Austria), соединенные с основной станцией радиомодемным каналом. Three stations (ASAI, MRZ1 и TARA) include a seismometer STS-2 и datalogger EarthData PS6-24, installed in 2 m depth bunker.

   cawa station  
  Сейсмические станции сети Caremon выполнены на базе сейсмометра Guralp. Для передачи данных также используется система VSAT.     
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