15 | 12 | 2017
Seismic Monitoring

Seismic monitoring carries out with own stations, CAREMON network stations, and other stations. All the data arrives through software system SeisComp3 to CAIAG central server, where automatic processing is executed. As a result a prompt earthquake catalogue is generated.

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GNSS Monitoring

CAIAG executes a GNSS monitoring continuously developing a permanent stations in Central Asia. Data acquisition is carried out automaticly using Internet, satellite, radio and mobile communication. Processing of daily data is implemented with software  Gamit/Globk also in automatic mode.

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The hydrometeorological monitoring which is carried out at 11 CAIAG automatic stations, is operational system of collecting and preprocessing of meteorological and hydrological information, through strictly certain time intervals, and also transfers on communication channels (satellite, GSM) and representation look convenient for the consumer on a site.

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Department 3 "Monitoring Systems and Data Management"


monitorconceptMonitoring system represents a network of automatic permanent stations equipted by a set of different type sensors and connected through communication chanels to the data acquisition center. In dependence on tasks the sensors composition and station configuration can be changed.They can be seismo, GNSS, meteo, hydro, and other sensors.  A system of energy-supply incledes solar panels, baterries and special controller managing a baterry charging and energy consumption. The station also includes systems of internal and external communication. The internal communication is provided either with COM-ports or Ethernet. For management and control of all station elements a computer is used. Usually it is on a base of the board PC-104 and has IP-address for outside access.

Station Equipment

There are 3 types of the monitoring network stations: solitary GNSS stations, the ROMPS stations developed by GFZ, and seismic station of the network Caremon.



Network of Monitoring Stations built with CAIAG participation

At the current time the network of monitoring stations in installation of which CAIAG participated consists of 23 permanent stations which operate in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.


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