15 | 12 | 2017

Department 3 "Monitoring Systems and Data Management"

GNSS Analysis

includes the data acquisition and processing, error analysis (sky maps, time series and others), velocity field and time series analysis, calculation of strain rate field and its analysis.  

GNSS Data Processing

GNSS data processing carries out by the software GAMIT/GLOBK of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) in 3 stages with use standart procedures of Prof. Thomas Herring. For definition of observation points coordinates, programs GAMIT uses measured phases of carrier frequency which is registered by GNSS receivers with a big precision and pseudoranges calculated by traveltime of GNSS signal from satellite to receiver antenna. Software GLOBK is applied for data combination for different time periods including a calculation of velocity vectors and using for this a Kalman filter.

Stage 1 (Gamit)

Data acquisition и processing separately for each day.

Some global stations are included to processing.


Stage 2 (Globk)

Combination of day solutions of one campaign to one solution.

 Calculation of station coordinates and orbital and Earth rotation parameters.


Stage 3 (Globk)

Combination of some campaigns solutions to one.

Calculation of velocity vectors for some years.


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