15 | 12 | 2017
Seismic Monitoring

Seismic monitoring carries out with own stations, CAREMON network stations, and other stations. All the data arrives through software system SeisComp3 to CAIAG central server, where automatic processing is executed. As a result a prompt earthquake catalogue is generated.

more about seismic catalogue ...

GNSS Monitoring

CAIAG executes a GNSS monitoring continuously developing a permanent stations in Central Asia. Data acquisition is carried out automaticly using Internet, satellite, radio and mobile communication. Processing of daily data is implemented with software  Gamit/Globk also in automatic mode.

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The hydrometeorological monitoring which is carried out at 11 CAIAG automatic stations, is operational system of collecting and preprocessing of meteorological and hydrological information, through strictly certain time intervals, and also transfers on communication channels (satellite, GSM) and representation look convenient for the consumer on a site.

more about hydrometeomonitoring ...


Department 3 "Monitoring Systems and Data Management"

Main activity directions of department 3

Department consists of  15 employees

Department plans of monitoring network installation and modernization in 2012


Field works in Tajikistan (project CAWa) - installation of 2 stations

2d half of May


Technical maintenance of meteostation at Abramov glacier



 Modernization of the station Aksai

End of June


Field work on Inylchek glacier

Installation photocamera, repare of VSAT, relocation station IсеDam




 Maintenance of the station Taragai



Installation of GPS-profile in Pamir-Alai



Field work in Uzbekistan (project CAWa)

September - October

IT Infrastructure

ИТ-infrastructure is a complex of hardware, software and information systems of the Institute as well as data transfer systems and facilities of management for server and personal computer, data storage systems, network devices, operating systems and applications.

Geoinformation Systems

Geoinformation system is purposed for the acquisition, storage, analysis, and graphic visualization of spatial data and information associated with them about GIS objects. Including a possibility of data base management systems, raster and vector editors and analitics facilities, GIS allows to solve processing and analysis tasks for cartography, geology, meteorology, land management, ecology, municipal management, transport, economy, defence and many other areas. More..


Remote Sensing

Remote sensing (RS) is an Earth surface observation with air and space tools equipted different types of surveying equipment. Working  range of wave lengths received by the surveying equipment is micrometer parts (visible optical radiation) to meters (radiowaves). More ..

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