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performed works of department 2

The performed works of department 2

«Climate, water and geoecology», CAIAG.   

                Project №5 «Study of runoff regularities in southern Kyrgyzstan in connection with climate change for assessing the intensity of erosive processes and precipitation transfer into the basin of the Toktogul reservoir» 2008 – 2009

The project included the gathering and analysis of previously acquired information on the amount of precipitation, temperature, runoff and changing runoff at meterological stations and hydropost in Southern Kyrgyzstan. Thus, more detailed studies were carried out in the reservoir of the Toktogul water basin where further field research on the intensity of erosive processes and the size of sediment load arriving in the reservoir has been performed.


To estimate the amount of sediment runoff entering the pool, hydrometric works on the tributary rivers were carried out to define the expenses and the basic chemical indicators of the water. The amount of terrigenous material accumulated since the construction of the reservoir was assessed using the high-precision GPS receiver Topcon GB1000, geodetic equipment from Leica Geosystems, the echo sounding device “Humminbird Piranha MAX240” and sonar systems from Ceeducer to explore the bottom of the reservoir.


The main objectives of the project were:


  • Reception of laws for the connection between climate change, superficial drain, the intensity of erosive processes and the scale of a sediment runoff


  • Creation of a hydrological and erosive model for the Toktogul water basin


  • Development of recommendations aiming to prevent soil erosion and sedimentation in reservoirs


The project was carried out in cooperation with the Institute of Water Problems and Hydropower Engineering of NAS KR, ISTC, Open Society "Power plant" and the Central Department of Hydrometeorology at the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Kyrgyz Republic.


The outcomes of the performed project:


  • A detailed assessment of the climatic and hydrological conditions in the Naryn River Basin at 16 meteorological stations and 20 hydroposts and a study on the connection of climatic parameters with the river runoff


  • the investigation of the geological and hydrological conditions in the research area


  • the estimation of erosion caused by water flow by interpretation of LANDSAT satellite images  


  • the connection of water release and deposits on the Naryn River


  • calculation of the siltation in the Toktogul reservoir during the operation period (1974-2009). A volume curve for the deposits in the reservoir and a bathymetrical map were created. Total characteristics of the area, the volume and average depth of the reservoir for various water levels were calculated taking into account the sedimentation of suspended material.


The following publications in the framework of this project are now available for press:

  1. Connection of water flow with weighed deposits flow on the Naryn River pdf

  2. Calculation of the Toktogul reservoir siltation during its operation (1974-2009) pdf

Chronological course of the Toktogul reservoir fullness  



Landsat satellite photograph 11.07.1975       


Digital Elevation Model 


The bathymetrical map of reservoir


Distribution of deposits on reservoir water area 

Network of monitoring stations

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